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Define SAINT MIND - The concept of the brand is to redefine the purpose of all components in life. A saint is someone who is remembered for the good they have done and remembered as an individual with many kind acts. Our definition is to change that into today's modern society to remind people the purpose of life and to be recognised by all people with the positive values you add into each individuals life. 

We all have sinful thoughts, but we all also want to be remembered as good people when we leave our mark on this planet. When you combine both of the components, what do you want people to remember you as? Someone who done many acts of kindness with a clean heart or someone that has created many negative experiences for many individuals? it all depends on how you choose to live your life and the actions you want to take. 


To conclude what we are about? Our message is to always have good faith and become better in various ways, be remembered, be recognised and take the right steps to do good and value others around you. Another message we want to remind you of is to have closeness towards the beliefs & values of life which we tend to forget sometimes in our daily lives.

We are here to remind people that doing good will always bring good, and doing bad will never result in any positive ending. Therefore remember to create experiences in your life that will show others how you define yourself as a person and change the words to action.

Our current collections are limited to 100 pieces per product and are never restocked to keep the brand exclusivity and to most importantly give our customers value for money, importance, loyalty and to keep our products admirable. 

Each collection will have inspiration around the brand vision and image relating to what we are about as a brand, when we drop a new collection we will name the collection based on a storyline or an inspiration we had in the process of designing each product. This allows us to create timeless pieces with the best possible detail in every single product. 

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